13 March 2012

Did Your Mother Come from Ireland

Bing Crosby: "Did Your Mother Come from Ireland?" Written by Michael Carr and Jimmy Kennedy, and published in 1937.
Jimmy Kennedy OBE (20 July 1902 – 6 April 1984) was an Irish songwriter, predominantly a lyricist, putting words to existing music such as "Teddy Bears' Picnic" and "My Prayer", or co-writing with the composers Michael Carr, Wilhelm Grosz (aka Hugh Williams) and Nat Simon amongst others. He also wrote "Love is Like a Violin".Michael Carr (11 March 1905 – 16 September 1968), real name Maurice Alfred Cohen, was a British light music composer born in Leeds. He is best remembered for the song "South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)", written with Jimmy Kennedy for the 1939 film of the same name.Bing's United States hit recording of "Did Your Mother Come From Ireland" was preceded by "It Makes No Difference Now" and followed by "Dolores", all released in 1941.

Also recorded by Connie Francis on her album Connie Francis Sings Irish Favorites.

Jimmy Kennedy is also the co-writer of:

Harbor Lights

April in Portugal

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  1. Lobosco said...
    That was one of the first records I had by Bing. I think I bought a 45rpm of it for 25 cents at a flea market in 1980. I was 6 - those were the days!