03 February 2012

Gone Fishin' with Louis Armstrong

45:"Gone Fishin'" is a song written in 1950 by Nick Kenny (1895-1975) and Charles Kenny (1898-1992), and recorded by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong in 1951. It was a hit in the United States. It was preceded by Bing & Gary Crosby's hit recording of "Moonlight Bay" (hence the reference to Gary on "Gone Fishin'") and followed by "In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening" (with Jane Wyman).

U.S. double LP that includes "Gone Fishin'":Listen to Bing & Louis perform "Gone Fishin'":
...and now, an English lesson: "The song title, and its usage within the lyrics, are an example of the use of the verb 'to go' together with the gerund of a verb which is a leisure activity or, as in this case, the meaning of the verb as a leisure activity is understood."


  1. Lobosco said...
    Such a great pairing - I think Bing and Satchmo were one of the great duets in recording history!

  2. Steve Fay said...
    Back when my Crosby record collection was almost entirely made up of 78s, that record was probably my favorite to play. A few years ago, a chip broke out, going about a half-inch into the recording from the edge. I would have been completely heartbroken except by that time I had copies of the song on LP or CD. Still it was sad. By this time, I have a couple of radio versions that have slight variations in the patter between Bing and Louis from what is on the main released version. It is so clear from listening to any one of them just how much that pair enjoyed performing together.