24 April 2012

Y'all Come

"Y'all Come" (originally titled "You-All Come") was written and recorded by Arlie Duff a.k.a. "The Singin' Schoolteacher" (1924-1996), and was a country hit for him in 1953. Bing's recording for Decca Records is with the Cass County Boys, with orchestra directed by Perry Botkin. It was a hit in the United States. It was preceded by "Hush-a-bye" in 1953, and followed by "Down By The Riverside" (with Gary Crosby) in 1954.
"Y'all Come" was also recorded by Glen Campbell, Jim and Jesse, Dolly Parton, and Porter Wagoner.


  1. Dennis Castanares said...
    Out of that same period and costume kit: "San Fernando Valley" and "The Flying W", both purporting to be hillbilly music, but both also done in Bing's lovely but very city-slicker voice.

  2. Mike McGregor said...
    Thanks, Mark. Lots of fun. Love those special interjections he inserted throughout such as "Land a Goshen," and "Put the cat out." I believe he covered just about all of the country cliches. (Anyone care to list them?) The dancers were fun, too, and were in keeping with Bing's tongue-in-cheek treatment of the song. His attire - the suit and the big hat - made him look very much like certain country singers of that era - Lester Flatt comes to mind. Bing looked pretty trim, too. Might have been wearing his usual girdle, though.

  3. That was Speedy West on steel guitar. Jimmy Bryant played lead guitar. I don't know who the fiddle player was. -- Norm