18 September 2012

April in Portugal

"April in Portugal" is also named "The Whisp'ring Serenade". The music and lyrics were written by Raul Ferrão as a fado named "Coimbra", about the city of that name. In 1947, English lyrics written by Jimmy Kennedy (1902-1984) were set to the music, though many of the most popular versions of the song were instrumentals.
Bing's album Holiday in Europe was released in 1961, preceded by 101 Gang Songs in 1960, and followed by by Sing Along With Bing Crosby And His Friends in 1961.
Bing Crosby with Malcolm Lockyer (1923-1976) and His Orchestra, recorded on 8 May 1961 in Los Angeles, for the Holiday In Europe album - produced by Project Records and leased to US Decca.
Jimmy Kennedy is also the co-writer of:

Did Your Mother Come from Ireland

Harbor Lights

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