03 October 2011

True Love

"True Love" was written by Cole Porter, published in 1956. Introduced by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly in the musical film High Society. The Crosby–Kelly version, accompanied by Johnny Green's MGM studio orchestra, arrangement by Conrad Salinger, was also a popular recorded version of the song. Kelly's contribution on the record is relatively minor, duetting with Bing on only the final chorus. Nonetheless, the single is co-credited to her. True Love is the name of C.K. Dexter Haven's yacht, on which he and Tracy Lord honeymooned off the coast of Maine. They are fictional characters in the play The Philadelphia Story, on which the musical is based.

"True Love" appeared in these analog formats:

Duet with Rosemary Clooney:
Duet with Grace Kelly, US release:Duet with Grace Kelly, UK release:Listen to the Crosby-Clooney recording of "True Love" here:

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