03 August 2011

That's What Life Is All About

Bing Crosby With The Pete Moore Orchestra - "That's What Life Is All About" (1975). Produced by Ken Barnes. Recorded in London. Written by Ken Barnes, Bing Crosby, Peter Dacre, and Les Reed. Bing's humble answer to "My Way", at the age of 71. This is one of 15 songs that include a Crosby writing credit. It made the Easy Listening chart in the US, and also the UK Singles Chart.

Released by United Artists Records on a 7-inch 45 rpm single, and an LP album titled That's What Life Is All About. The LP includes a reprise of the song.
There's also a "live" video version. Not a lip-sync:


  1. Robert Cushman said...
    It's better than My Way. (Well, what wouldn't be?) It even scans. All the same, it strains credulity to hear Bing sing "I've had success, some mild acclaim." He may have been that modest, but he couldn't ever have been that naive.

  2. Jeff Lloyd said...
    Bing recorded quite a bit in his latter years, mostly in England. Still sounded pretty good.